Laura Henshaw’s Post About Chocolate Is Exactly What We Needed Pre-Easter

It doesn’t get much better than Netflix on the couch in your PJs – that is, unless, you add chocolate to the situation. 

Just ask fitness guru Laura Henshaw, who shared an Instagram Story after indulging in an entire block of the stuff. Her point? No one can eat perfectly 24/7, 365 and there’s no point pretending otherwise.

“It must be coming up to that time of the month because I just ate a whole block of chocolate and I still want more chocolate after dinner,” she explained.

“But if I did that probably about five years ago I would’ve felt really guilty because I had a really bad relationship with food and worried about it, but now I could not care less because chocolate is delicious.”

And while the Keep It Cleaner co-founder definitely didn’t stick to the recommended serving size, she knows that the occasional indulgence is part and parcel of a balanced diet.

“A whole block is definitely not moderation,” she added. “Usually I eat chocolate in moderation but not tonight and that’s okay. It’s delicious and sometimes you just got to do it.”

“My diet is definitely not perfect,” she continued. “I do eat things like sugar and chocolate. I usually, as I said, have them in moderation but sometimes I don’t and that’s totally okay because I’m healthy most of the other time.”

Her admission clearly resonated with her 228k followers, as she received a flood of DMs from fans who sympathised with this concept of “food guilt.”

“I was really saddened by the number of messages I got saying how guilty girls had felt about eating poorly before seeing the post and how initially disappointed they were with themselves. This breaks my heart,” she wrote in a follow-up post on Insta.

“I know that there are so many messages (unfortunately) through social media that make us think anything ‘unhealthy’ should be avoided at all costs and if we ever do indulge we should feel bad about it; and I am so sorry this is the case.”

To be clear, Laura isn’t recommending we start smashing a family block every single night. Rather, that having one every now and then won’t do any damage.

“A little bit of sugar, fried food or whatever it is you want to eat will not make you unhealthy,” she explained. “For me personally when I did eat clean 100% of the time; I was mentally at my most unhealthiest (as I had no balance in my life.”

“We are all human. If you focus on eating healthy most of the time that is all that matters.”

So refreshing and so darn true. (It’s called balance, people!)

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