30 Surprisingly High-Carb Foods That Could Throw Off Your Diet

Low-carb diets are incredibly popular right now, including the keto diet and the Atkins diet. Staying on track isn’t always easy. Certain foods clearly have a high carb count—think, bread—but others aren’t quite so obvious. So if you’re trying to cut down on carbs, you might want to avoid these 30 surprisingly high-carb foods. They could throw off your diet plan and mess your weight loss goals.

(All nutritional information comes from the United States Department of Agriculture’s National Nutrient Database.)

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While milk is generally considered healthy for you for its calcium and vitamin D, it’s pretty high-carb.

One sering (1 cup): 12.15g carbs

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They’re dried-up grapes—meaning they’re fruit, which can always be a low-carb killer.

One serving (1/4 cup): 32.72 grams of carbs

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Brown Rice

While it’s a whole grain, it will still take your carb intake pretty high.

One serving (1/2 cup): 25.84 g carbs

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The grain is a great source of protein, but also packs a pretty carb punch.

One serving (1 cup): 21.3 g carb

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This whole grain can be eaten alone or used in baking.

One serving (1/2 cup): 16.75 grams carbs

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A lot of people start their morning with a bowl of oats, but know that it’s a big spike of carbs.

One serving (1 cup): 25.05 g carbs

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You might want to think before you peel if you’re watching your carb intake.

One serving (medium, 7″ banana): 26.95 g carbs

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The purple colored root is pretty packed with carbs.

One serving (1 cup): 12.26 g carbs

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Whether you consume them in fruit or juice form, you’ll be getting a good spike of carbs.

One serving 1 cup: 21.35 g carbs

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Kidney Beans

These dark red beans—and most beans in general—are high in carbs.

One serving (1/2 cup): 18.56 g carbs

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Chickpeas—the main ingredient in hummus—are pretty high in carbs, too.

One serving (1/2 cup): 16.19 g carbs

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Once again, fruit and carbs go hand-in-hand.

One medium apple (3 inches in diameter): 25.13 g carbs

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Another citrus that contains a good amount of carbs.

One grapefruit (1 cup): 24.52 g carbs

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This tropical fruit is super sweet and stuffed with carbs.

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They may be small, but they have a large amount of carbs.

One date (pitted): 17.99 g carbs

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Adzuki Beans

These Asian beans that originated in China are also high in carbs.

One serving (1/2 cup): 28.49 g carbs

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Flour Tortilla

You might want to go for the burrito bowl after learning how many carbs are in one tortilla.

One tortilla (10 inch diameter): 35.55 g carbs

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The fall fruit is slightly lower in carbs than its autumn partner, apples.

One pear (1 cup): 21.32 g carbs

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Fresh corn on the cob is sweet for a reason—it’s loaded with carbs.

One serving (1/2 cup): 19.39 g carbs

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White Potatoes

Potatoes are good for you (unless we’re talking fries), but they’re loaded with carbs.

One potato (1 cup): 26.29 g carbs

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Whole Wheat Pasta

Even if you pick whole wheat pasta over regular, you’ll still get a bunch of carbs.

One serving penne (1/2 cup): 14.58 g carbs

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Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are lower in carbs than white potatoes, but they’re not low-carb by any means.

One serving (1/2 cup): 20.59 g carbs

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Even if it hasn’t been sweetened, yogurt is still high in carbs.

One cup low-fat yogurt (8 ounces): 15.98 g carbs

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Agave Nectar

This sweetener made of agave plant (the same one that’s used in tequila) is packed with carbs.

One serving (1 Tablespoon): 15.81 g carbs

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These yummy grains are colorful and carb-ful.

One serving (1/2 cup): 19.34 g carbs

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Black Beans

Beans are great sources of fiber and protein, but they’re also loaded with carbs.

One serving (1/2 cup): 20.39 g carbs

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Although it’s a natural sweetener, it’s still high in carbs.

One serving (1 Tablespoon): 17.3 g carbs

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These juicy berries are popping with carbs.

One serving (1 cup): 21.45 g carbs

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Maple Syrup

Another natural sweetener that still has a ton of carbs.

One serving (1 tablespoon): 13.41 g

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These starchy seeds have lots of carbs.

One serving (1 cup): 20.95 g carbs

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