5 Breakfast-Boosting Hacks

Get out of bed on the right side (every day!) with these simple tips, guaranteed to make your AM meal an energy-revving powerhouse.

Supercharge Your Oats

Forget brown sugar. Instead, top your oats with nuts, seeds and fruit (think walnuts, chia and berries) or try one of the ready-to-go brekkie sprinkles to give your bowl a boost. Sneak in grated carrot for a vegie hit, or make porridge from quinoa for extra protein.

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The Easy Guilt-Free Fry Up

While we’d never badmouth bacon, there are better options. Try a tofu scramble with chilli and cumin, plus mushies, roast tomato and beans. Or give one of the faux bacons on the market a go, like coconut bacon! Is there anything coconut can’t do?

Makeover Your Smoothie

Use it to get more vegies—kale, spinach and beetroot all work well—plus a serve of healthy fats, like natural peanut butter. Keen to mix it up? Alternate milk with juice, such as fresh OJ.

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Pancakes, Reinvented

Ditch the white four and added sugar and sub in wholemeal or oat four instead. Stir in blueberries for a pop of sweetness, or serve with a side of fruit. Love to stack? Reduce the size of your pancakes, top with Greek yoghurt, or use protein powder in the batter.

Get Creative In Advance

Organisation is the key and all it takes is 10 minutes or so the night before. Make sure your oats are ready when you are by mixing the ingredients in a glass mason jar and popping it in the fridge. When the alarm goes, you’ll know brekkie is sorted.

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