A Bodybuilder Tried Navy SEAL David Goggins’ Weight Loss Diet for a Day

Author, athlete and former Navy SEAL David Goggins has become synonymous with pushing yourself to your physical limits—and then keeping going. Goggins famously underwent a body transformation prior to qualifying for the SEALs, losing 106 pounds in a three-month window and going on to become the only man to complete three grueling “hell weeks” in a single year.

A number of athletes and vloggers have tried taking a leaf out of Goggins’ book when it comes to meeting arduous physical challenges by recreating his staple workout and diet, including distance runner Elijah Orr, bodybuilder Will Tennyson, US Marine Armando Nava and trainer Jackson Desjardins.

The latest YouTuber to try the diet that Goggins used to lose weight is Aseel Soueid, who spends the day eating like him, as well as packing in a swim, a run, and a weightlifting session in order to experience what it feels like to do a lot of exercise at such a caloric deficit.

He starts the day with a banana, which is the only fuel for his long swim, and he doesn’t eat again until several hours later. The biggest meal of the day is 9 ounces of boneless skinless chicken breast, three quarters of a cup of rice, and a cup of steamed broccoli. In other words, a fairly classic bro meal. This meal also counts for most of the day’s calories, and this is where it becomes clear that the hunger is getting to Aseel.

“Who knew a meal like this could just look and smell so frickin’ good?” He says. “Especially knowing that it’s going to be, essentially, the last few hundred calories I have today.”

Then, after a gym session and a run, the third and final meal is a protein shake, bringing Aseel’s entire food intake for the day to 800 calories, consisting of 82 grams of carbs, 13 grams of fat, and 89 grams of protein.

“I cannot believe he ate like this for three straight months,” he says. “No wonder he lost 106 pounds… That takes some serious dedication. Obviously it’s probably not smart to follow an 800-calorie diet, but it’s David Goggins.”

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