Aldi Just Dropped a Festive New Snack That's Nearly Identical to This Fan-Favorite Trader Joe's Item

Peppermint season is here, the most refreshing time of year! Sweet candy canes, warm peppermint mochas, desserts sprinkled with crunchy, minty pieces — it’s all so delicious. And this year, Aldi has a new festive snack for our peppermint-loving hearts, which is surprisingly similar to a Trader Joe’s treat from 2020.

Stop by the nut aisle to try the Choceur Candy Cane Chocolate Covered Almonds at Aldi, which are roasted almonds dipped in dark and white chocolate, with bits of crushed candy cane inside. It’s the perfect savory-sweet treat, which Instagram user @aldi.mademedoit loved.

“These literally fell from heaven and landed in my cart,” she captioned a photo of the holiday snack. “I’m not mad about it one bit but, I am mad I didn’t grab more than one bag 🤣😍.”

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But looking at the picture of the white-and-red almonds reminds us of a nearly identical product from Trader Joe’s, which Instagram user @traderoesaficionado posted about on Nov. 26, 2020.

“🚨NEW🚨 Candy Cane Covered Almonds!” they wrote on Instagram. “I mean, dark chocolate, white chocolate and candy cane! I’m in an almond kick because I picked these up as well. Alongside, the trio mix. These are very tasty. I need to stop buying all the goodies! 🤣”

Other than the fact that these are Trader Joe’s brand and came in a plastic clamshell container instead of a bag, these almonds look and sound exactly the same as the new ones from Aldi. Plus, they are made from the exact same ingredients.

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Luckily, fellow fans confirmed that the Aldi’s version is just as good as the Trader Joe’s snack.

“They taste just like the Trader Joe’s ones!!! 🙌” someone wrote on @aldi.mademedoit’s post.

Another person commented, “Omg if these are anything like the Trader Joe’s ones I need them. Best part is nuts make it healthy…right 😂🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️.”

“Bought them today and regret only buying one bag! 🤤” someone else said.

It seems like these are definitely worth a try next time you’re at Aldi! It’s the perfect peppermint treat to munch on while putting up your holiday decor or wrapping presents.

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