Disease prevention: As you entgiftest your liver naturally

The liver is an important Organ and has to do as a Detoxification center of our body. To protect you from Burnout, should be detoxified by the liver once in a year. FOCUS Online reveals different methods for natural detoxification of the liver.

  • Our liver controls the metabolism and ensures that our body is supplied with energy.
  • In addition, the liver regulates the protein, fat and sugar metabolism, as well as the Vitamin and Mineral balance, and stores important nutrients, such as sugar, vitamins and minerals.
  • In addition, it filters out pathogens and harmful substances from the blood, absorbs toxic substances and converts them to harmless substances, such as urea.

Who does not pay attention to his liver, the risk of serious diseases such as fatty liver, liver fibrosis, liver cirrhosis, or liver tumors. Because the body is the purest Workaholic. In addition, the liver with societal factors such as Overweight, lack of exercise and the consumption of alcohol. And the Treacherous: The liver itself can not make by pain.

You should detoxify your liver? Symptoms of Congestion of the liver

Therefore, the German liver Foundation recommends in her guide “The liver book:” a blood test as soon as you feel, with the Organ could not be something wrong, or already have liver disease present in the family. Because the earlier a liver disease is diagnosed, the better the chances for a complete cure.

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Possible signs of liver disease can be values in addition to elevated Liver for example:

  • Fatigue and exhaustion
  • a yellow coloring of the eyes
  • a strikingly red tongue
  • severe itching
  • Pain in the right upper belly
  • Water retention in the tissue
  • dark colored urine
  • Tendency to bruise
  • star-shaped, visible Capillaries
  • mottled erythema of the palms and
  • white discolored nails

Natural detoxification therapies: What other methods are there?

In order to protect the vital Organ in front of a Burnout, and a dire consequence of disease, you should treat the liver once in the year on a detox.

There are a variety of approaches, from short programs with specific liver-Detox-products on fasting up to a comprehensive liver cleansing program.

1. Liver detoxification in one day

Anyone who has a bit of something for his liver want to do, without his usual daily life completely to reschedule, simply a couple of days for detoxification to insert:

  • Never use harmful products such as alcohol and nicotine.
  • You paint a very sugar – or fat-rich food, such as sweets and Fast Food from your diet.
  • Pay attention, instead, on a healthy diet, drink at least two liters of water or unsweetened teas.
  • A set of regular units of movement: you can Use any stairs, let the, go for a walk half an hour daily. And pay attention to adequate sleep.

Also the use of special winding relieves the liver and gives your new energy. This is just hot water in a hot water bottle fill a towel with hot water, or sheep-sheaves-moisten the infusion and on the right ribs. The hot water bottle on it and lay in a relaxed position lying 30 minutes.

2. Liver detoxification in a few days

Who is a little more time to invest, and his liver fully detoxify want, between several detoxification programs to decide, with natural Oils, salts and juices work. For example, developed Hulda Clark (1928 – 2009) a course of treatment, have varied health practitioners and Doctors. It works as follows:

Preparation time: a Few days before the actual Kurtag are available for the preparation of light food and a Liter of Apple juice and plenty of water for the day on the dining plan.

Kurtag: On this day you should be from 14 PM up to the date of Application, nothing more to eat.

18 p.m.: a tablespoon of Epsom salt dissolved in a glass of water and drink

20 PM: a tablespoon of Epsom salt dissolved in a glass of water and drink

22 PM: a mixture of one-eighth of a litre of olive oil and grapefruit juice drink and go to bed

The next day: Early in the Morning, again a tablespoon of Epsom salt in a glass of water to dissolve after two hours, repeat. In the course of the day, you can then go back to lighter food (cooked vegetables).

3. Liver detoxification in four weeks

Who really a lot of time in the detox of his liver investing, of the different naturopathic methods, for example by the two medical practitioners Anne Wanitschek and Sebastian Vigl developed “Prometheus program”.

This four-week course of combined diet rules, phytotherapy, biochemistry according to Schüßler, as well as relaxation techniques. As comparable methods, this program consists of four steps: bowel cleansing, detoxification, preservation, and care.

1. Bowel cleansing: at the beginning of the program, recommend the authors, the intake of Glauber’s salt, and the intestines of food residues, and slag materials to free.

2. Detoxification: During this Phase the excretion organs such as liver, kidney, and skin by using Schuessler salts, a special Tea blend and a basic diet activated.

3. Conservation: The third Phase serves mainly to conservation, so that the liver of the busy detoxification to recover. Here, a change of Diet to easily digestible food made from fresh ingredients should be of some help.

4. Care: In the fourth Phase, the so-called care measures in daily life to integrate and as a liver-friendly life-style to obtain.

Specifically, the four-week course of treatment, five meals and two to three liters of fluid a day. The consumption of sugar is taboo, raw vegetables and fruit only until 17 o’clock, and you have to chew everything thoroughly.

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In advance of you should definitely speak with your doctor about your plans. Discuss together which of the numerous programs for you.

Additional detoxification with medicinal plants

At least as varied as the selection of medicinal plants such as artichoke, dandelion, or milk Thistle, which is attributed to a cleansing and regenerative effect on the liver.

  • The leaves of the artichoke (Cynarae folium), for example, thanks to bitter substances such as kaffeoyl quinic acid derivatives, a liver detoxifying and regenerating effect. Artichokes stimulate the gall of activity, regulate the digestion of fat and reduce fat of blood and cholesterol levels. Artichoke is served as a vegetable, fresh juice or tea or in capsule form.
  • The dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) is known for its bitters, Triterpenoids, phytosterols, tannins, essential Oils, flavonoids, choline, and Inulin. This cranks the flow of Bile and thus, the elimination of waste substances through the urinary tract. The contained bitter substances can cause after taking an excess Acid in the stomach and accompanying heartburn. In diseases of the gall-bladder or in a bile duct or bowel obstruction, it is not recommended the taking of urgent. The liver cleansing dandelion is as a tea, pressed fresh juice or salad.
  • The fruits of the milk Thistle (Cardui mariae fructus) also have a positive effect on liver health. In the medicinal plant of the substance contained in Silymarin protects the liver against the Penetration of toxic substances. Moreover, the drug stimulates the regeneration of liver cells and thus promotes the regeneration ability of the body. The milk Thistle you can apply as a cure in the Form of an infusion.

So looks like a permanently liver-friendly diet

Since the liver is a Central Organ for the metabolism, a healthy diet is important to liver illnesses. The German liver Foundation recommends a balanced and complete diet according to the rules of the German nutrition society (DGE). The ten rules a full-fledged nutrition is a sketch of the DGE, do the following: