Earlier, he was wearing 6-XL: man takes over half of his body weight as he looks today

With the beginning of the new year, many people start with good intentions. More sports, healthy food, no sweets. Two years ago Ralph Lawless (47) decided to change from Hertfordshire (England), his life radically. With Success.

If you compare the pictures from the year 2016 with today’s recordings, you see hardly a thing in Common. After a strict diet and a lot of self-discipline, Ralph Lawless has managed more than 100 kilos.

“What I got between the fingers, and I ate”

As “Dailymail” reports, the 47-Year-old every day, several Sandwiches with bacon, Kebab with fries, frozen pizza and several cans of beer. “Everything is edible, what I got between the fingers, I have eaten,” says Lawless.

“Every day, I eat what most people eat in a week,” he explains. A fall led to, that he was able to work.


“I reached the absolute low point,” says the 47-Year-old. “I was severely overweight and unhappy. So I introduced a diet plan, and held me to him.“

Ten to 14 Times in the gym

After he had made the decision to change his life radically, he began to ride a Bicycle and attend classes in the fitness Studio. He rose to become an instructor and visited even today ten to 14 Times a week in the gym.

Instagram/Ralph Lawless Ralph Lawless has, in two years, more than 100 kilograms removed.

With the help of his strict diet and his sports routine of the 47 managed-Year-old, almost 110 kilos. More than half of his original body weight. Now a new target in the focus for Ralph. After 15 years of being Single he is looking for the big love.