Eating Crispy Bacon Before You Exercise Speeds Up Your Metabolism

Your days of nibbling forlornly on rabbit food in pursuit of a leaner physique and over. 

According to a new study in the Journal of Nutrition, whichever macronutrient makes up the bulk of your breakfast will be what your metabolism prefers to use for fuel over the course of that day. Which means bacon is now a research-approved weight-loss weapon. 

Allow us to explain, if you start each morning with a breakfast of oats and fruit, your body will be primed to utilise carbohydrates as fuel throughout the day – which is great news for your athletic performance, but less useful if the primary purpose of your training is weight loss.

Take seven minutes to perfectly crisp up your bacon, however, and you’ll program your metabolism to burn through your fat stores in the gym instead. 

Researchers at Kyoto University also found evidence that a nutrient in your rashers called coenzyme Q10 further greases the wheels of your metabolism, especially when combined with light exercises.

So tucking into a buttery bacon sanger before your morning run will burn through unwanted blubber better than any monkish regime of pre-cardio fasting. THat’s what we call a streak of good news. 

This article originally appeared on Men’s Health. 

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