Eighth victory in Melbourne: Djokovic’s secret to success lies in the diet

Just he defeated in a dramatic Australian Open final, the Austrian Dominic Thiem in five sets and took his 17. Grand-Slam-Title. On Monday, he will take back # 1 in the world rankings. imago images/Uk Sports Pics Ltd Novak Djokovic and Dominic Thiem fought a memorable Finale

Novak Djokovic and nutrition

The love for food was placed Novak Djokovic, practically in the cradle, after all, his parents had a Pizzeria in his Serbian hometown of Kopaonik. And Djokovic himself is now the proud owner of a restaurant, the "Eqvita", in his adopted home of Monte Carlo. The difference is that The tennis player has opted for a vegan Restaurant, because it also reflects his own food style.

Nutrition plays for Djokovic since the beginning of his career an important role. Prior to 2011, difficulty breathing, Nausea and chest plagued him often in pain. It turned out eventually that he does not tolerate Gluten, an amino acid found in many cereals. Djokovic switched his food and lives for years, gluten – and dairy-free, and largely dispensed with sugar. In his book “Serve to Win” (2013) he explains that he relies instead on beans, nuts, seeds, chickpeas, lentils and healthy Oils. (Read more here: eating Novak Djokovic in a day)

Faster recovery, thanks to a vegan diet?

"I, on a diet based plants. I believe that this is the reason why I was able to recover so well. I have no allergies and like mir", the Tennis world rank list, said a second. With this view, Djokovic is not alone: Many users switching to a plant-based diet report that they have a rest after the sport units much faster. imago images/Uk Sports Pics Ltd “I believe that that is the reason why I’m so well-regenerate”: Djokovic vows to plant-based nutrition

However, There are no scientific studies that prove that plants help protein the body to regenerate faster. However, a vegan diet is usually very rich in antioxidants and reduce inflammation that can be caused by high training units. And that could be for the athletes is quite noticeable.

Part of the Vegan documentary "The Game Changers"

A purely vegan diet seems to have no disadvantages for high-performance athletes. The myth that meat is the best protein supplier, is no longer up-to-date. However, it is important that athletes eat a well-balanced and in the absence of animal foods with some Vitamin B12 help. (All about Vitamin B12 deficiency read here)

From the Label "vegan" Novak Djokovic, however, not a lot of – plant based is the buzzword of the hour is for him. In order to inform more people about the benefits of this type of diet, it was Djokovic part of the Netflix documentation "The Game Changers", the experience of various top athletes such as Lewis Hamilton or Arnold Schwarzenegger with a fully plant-based diet shows. (For more on the Vegan documentary "The Game Changers" click here to read)