Giada de Laurentiis' Just Shared Her Overnight Balsamic Roasted Chicken Recipe & We're Desperately Craving It

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If you feel like the prices at the grocery store have been going up and up, you’re not imagining it. Food inflation rates are falling slightly (though things are still more expensive than last year), but the price of staple items like eggs, butter, vegetable oil, and meat are still skyrocketing. So we’ve been looking for recipes that can help us ease up on the budget a little bit, but that still are delicious. If this sounds familiar, then we’ve got a recipe for you. Giada De Laurentiis’ overnight balsamic roasted chicken recipe uses a whole chicken butchered into parts, or a pack of chicken parts, which is usually a lot less expensive than buying boneless skinless breast meat.

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Even though it’s usually less expensive per pound than boneless skinless chicken, we think whole bone-in chicken, or packs of bone-in chicken parts, are a better value for another reason: because the meat has much more flavor. It also dries out less easily while cooking, and the skin adds tons of flavor.

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De Laurentiis mixes up a simple marinade for her chicken. You can go all out with a fancy bottle of balsamic vinegar, or just use what you can find at the store. We like Colavita, which is affordable, but has great flavor.

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The balsamic is paired with lemon juice, Dijon mustard, and seasonings, and the chicken is marinated in it overnight. We think this chicken would be amazing on the grill, but De Laurentiis opts for the admittedly easier roasting process. And if you roast the chicken, you can also whip up a pan sauce from the browned bits left behind after removing the chicken from the pan.

Not a fan of chicken? We think this marinade would be delicious with pork, too, or even shrimp. Just keep in mind that with shrimp, you only want to marinate it for about 30 minutes, so the texture isn’t affected.

It’s simple, affordable, and totally delicious. With a sweet, tangy, and savory flavor, Giade De Laurentiis’ balsamic roasted chicken is bound to become a family favorite.

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