Giada De Laurentiis Revealed Her Go-To Hostess Gift & It's the Perfect Present for Every Foodie On Your List

Christmas is just around the corner (*cue frantic scrambling here!*), and if you are looking for the perfect gift this holiday season, well, you’re in luck. Giada De Laurentiis shared her go-to present idea with SheKnows, and we are getting one for every foodie on our list.

In our 2022 holiday digital issue, the Italian-American chef shared her go-to hostess gift is one of her Giadzy boxes. But while unboxing things is a fun surprise when you give yourself a gift, it can be a little nerve-wracking if you’re trying to plan holiday presents for loved ones. So, De Laurentiis walked us through what to expect in one of her Giadzy boxes, and it’s so much fun to watch!

First, De Laurentiis shows us what’s inside her La Dolce Vita box which she calls a “pasta adventure box.” When ordering, you can choose from two different types of pasta (both come from a little town outside of Naples, Italy, called Torre Annunziata, where she has family ties).

The box contains everything you need for spaghetti, pizza, or another delicious pasta dinner.

“It’s like a little treasure hunt of goodies from all over Italy that I love to use in my pasta dishes!” De Laurentiis says.

The chef also unboxes her Everything But the Formaggio box, which she describes as “an antipasto box perfect for the holidays.” With each one, she gives a little description, plus tips on how she uses the ingredients in her recipes. It’s so entertaining to watch — and now we want to buy all of them!

 De Laurentiis also has fun food-themed traditions this time of year, which she shared with SheKnows here.

Watch the video above, then order your favorite Giadzy food box and more on her website for your friends. (And be sure to gift yourself one, too!)

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