How To Lose The Last Stubborn 5kg

Yep, those last 5kg can be really stubborn! Whether it’s a plateau you’ve hit, or you just need that extra push to do something different, what you need is CHANGE. Change what you’re doing, so you can shock and challenge your body further – this is when you’ll start to see results.

Here are my change-driven tips on getting those last 5kgs OFF:

Interval training

Time to up the intensity with HIIT training, or in TIFFXO’s case, TKD HIIT (Taekwondo high intense interval training). It’s truly the best exercise to accelerate fat loss and fitness. HIIT gives you a great after burn effect, so you burn calories whilst doing the exercise and then all day. My program also has my TIFF10 sessions – this is an extra snappy 10 mins of high intensity training that comes after my TKD HIIT sessions – for when you need that extra challenge or maximum cardio and fat burn.

Shadow Boxing

Not just for Black Belts! You can squeeze this one in literally ANYWHERE – an empty lift, in front of the mirror (right behind that frustrating co-worker). You’re looking to shock your system into action so you can take on ANYTHING. How? Throw a couple of punches (1, 2!), combine it with your strongest fighting stance (don’t leave that chin open!) and whaddya know, it’s a motivation knockout ;).

Overhaul your morning drink

Don’t start with a 200 calorie latte. Swap for a green juice, a vitamin hit juice or a Cherry Ripe Smoothie – say what? Yep it’s real, and on my menu plan at

Skip a snack

I work from home, so sometimes I find myself eating at my desk or pacing the kitchen and in the fridge when it’s not meal time simply because I’m bored, tired, stressed, bored… So I created the rule not to dine al desco. I don’t eat at my desk and if you work from home like me, then when the 3pm slump sets in, don’t go for a sugary snack, instead skip the snack. Stand up and skip on the spot for ten minutes. Simply raise your knees to your chest and pump your arms around, you don’t even need a rope. 10 minutes of skipping will burn approximately 100 calories and stave off cravings. A flood of endorphins will be released and the change in your physiology will change your appetite so you will no longer be snacky!

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THE 3 HOUR DAY – get rid of the all or nothing attitude

Reset your food intake – and attitude – every three hours. The 3 hour rule treats every meal as a new event. So if you do slip up, you can reset the day in three hours time and start fresh. So many of ]my clients start on a healthy eating plan, then eat one chocolate or biscuit and throw away the whole day, even the whole week, because of a single slip up. It’s the all or nothing attitude food – on a diet, or eating anything. I find the 3 hour day helps me and others to stay balanced. Of course, you will indulge every now and then, but the next meal is a separate day, so you can always get back on track.

Be mindful of liquid calories

Many people I work with focus on their diet or exercise to lose weight and increase wellness but forget to think about what they drink. So I created the Water Week challenge to show people the danger of drinking your calories and the power from increasing hydration levels.

Try the Water Week Challenge!

I challenge you to DRINK ONLY WATER for seven days with the conscious uncoupling from milky coffees, alcohol, soft drinks, fruit juices, milkshakes, sports drinks and energy drinks.

Don’t freak – coffee isn’t banned. Only the milky creamy sugary coffs but long blacks, espressos are coolies. Herbal tea is sanctioned too and you can add lemon, lime, mint to jazz up your water bottle.

The idea is not to drink your calories but to eat them (cos we all know eating speeds up the good ‘ol metabolism through the processes of digestion as drinking our calories does not). 70% of the body is water, and water acts as a natural appetite suppressant. It also helps to regulate your metabolism. Your metabolism increases by 30 percent after drinking 2 cups of water (wowa!). When you become dehydrated, your metabolism slows down, affecting how your body burns fat.

Get organised

Food prep and planning is absolutely the key to making sure you don’t go off the rails. Trust me, I know! That’s why I developed TIFFXO, to help everyone with not just my super effective (and FUN) workouts, but life in general. Your meal plans are done, your shopping list is Ninja-ready, and we also give you the tools to make sure your head is straight too, with our meditations and weekly chats with our amazing psych, Cass Dunn. PLUS our TIFFXO community is full of inspiring and supportive Ninjas who are doing it all alongside you! It’s my favourite place to hang out and chat every day!

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