Katie Lee Biegel Dishes On Her Holiday Favorites — & the Movie That Inspired Her Daughter's Name

Katie Lee Biegel is ready for the holidays. It’s after November 1 — the Food Network star and cookbook author’s self-imposed deadline for playing Christmas music — so it’s time to bring on the season’s spirit.

Biegel stars in Season of Joy: SheKnows’ 2022 Holiday Digital Issue, and in an exclusive interview the West Virginia native opened up about everything from how she’s rediscovering holiday joy as a mom to what’s on her Thanksgiving menu and how she keeps things uncomplicated. (Hint: It involves an edited-down menu of tried-and-true favorites. “This is not the time to be trying out any fancy soufflés,” she says.)

She also took time during the October photoshoot for the issue to answer all of our most pressing holiday questions, from her favorite song (that’d be ‘The Christmas Song,’ a.k.a ‘Chestnuts Roasting On an Open Fire’) to the holiday movie she can’t watch enough. “My favorite holiday comfort movie is The Holiday,” she shares. “I love that movie, I’ve watched it nine gazillion times, and it’s not a coincidence that my daughter’s name is Iris.”

Not surprisingly, the cohost of The Kitchen also has strong feelings about food — including the holiday dish she thinks she makes better than anyone else, the comfort food meal she hates to make herself (and why!), and her secret fast-food favorite. Watch the entire video for more — and don’t miss all of the holiday tips in the issue!

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