Ludi Lin Says the Best Kind of Protein Shake Is a Dry One

You might not be familiar with actor Ludi Lin now—or his shredded eight-pack—but you will very soon. For the latest Eat Like, we met up with one of the rising stars of Mortal Kombat to find out how he fuels his body and mind right.

Lin said he only has one rule when it comes to his diet: his biggest meal always comes after his workout. “The most protein, the most carbohydrates,” he said. “If I stick by that rule, it usually takes me good places.”

Lin isn’t a meat-eater, either, meaning he has to get his proteins from plant-based sources; his protein shake usually consists of hemp, peanut butter, and a little bit of sweetener. No water necessary here. “I just raw-dog,” he said. (In which case, we’d call this more of a protein…powder?)

Lin’s other dietary choices prove equally as bold. He isn’t afraid to eat a vegetable whole and without any sauces or dips. That includes peppers, zucchini, and even a pumpkin. “I usually get a reaction, like, I just bit a child for no reason,” he said.

The actor also gets his supplements rather unusually. He adds a probiotic, a multivitamin, calcium, turmeric, vitamin D and vitamin B-12 on a plate—and eats them whole. “I’ve basically gotten so good things at swallowing now,” he says of his unconventional method.

Now that’s a way to get your daily vitamins.

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