Martha Stewart Just Turned Our Favorite Childhood Snack Into a Fruit-Filled Summer Dessert We Want to Make ASAP

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There are some snacks from our childhood that we just can’t let go of. A big bowl of sugary cereal as a late night treat always hits the spot, nothing beats a warm slice and bake chocolate chip cookie straight out of the oven, and don’t even get us started on the delight of toaster pastries. But those are just the snacks we make for ourselves, not something we’d make for a crowd. If we really wanted to bring on the delicious nostalgia for a group, we know exactly who we’d turn to: Marth Stewart. She just shared a slab pie recipe that looks and tastes like a toaster pastry that’s all grown up, complete with a crimped pastry crust, delicious icing, and a seasonal fruit filling that you can change up to suit your cravings.

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Stewart uses a food processor to do much of the heavy lifting in her double-crusted jam tart recipe. The dough is made in a food processor,
which combines the ingredients without developing excess gluten or melting any of the cold fat in the dough, which helps it become tender and flaky when baked. It’s also so much easier using a food processor
than trying to use the two-forks method or an old-fashioned pastry cutter.

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As for the filling, it couldn’t be easier. There are two paths you could take. Stewart fills her pastry with homemade fresh and dried peach jam, which admittedly sounds totally delicious. So, you can use her recipe, or make a batch of jam using your favorite in-season summer fruit, and use that as the filling for your pastry.

Or…you could just use a pre-made high-quality jam for the filling. If you want to go super-fancy, grab a jar from your local farmer’s market or gourmet shop. Or, you could opt for an affordable luxury, like a jar of Bonne Maman.
They have so many delicious flavors to choose from, and can really take this giant toaster pastry-inspired slab pie in any flavor direction you desire. You can’t go wrong with classic strawberry,
which will make it really taste like the childhood snack we’re so nostalgic for.

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We’re also big fans of Tiptree’s Peach Conserve,
which would be closer in flavor to Stewart’s homemade jam.

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Once the dough is filled and crimped, you’re almost done. Bake the slab pie for about 45 minutes, and when it’s cool, you’ll coat it with a thick glaze. Once it’s set — you want the top to have that classic hard crackly texture — it’s time to slice and serve.

This pastry is delicious for dessert with vanilla ice cream, or as a sweet treat at brunch with coffee and a side of fresh fruit. It’s the best of childhood meets adulthood, all done in a way that only Martha Stewart seems capable of orchestrating.

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