Science Says Drinking This Beverage Will Make You Six Times Hungrier

When cutting down on harmful soft drinks and sugary juices, sparkling water is often suggested as a healthier substitute.

But a study published in the Obesity Research and Clinical Practice journal found that rats that drank carbonated drinks (like carbonated soda and diet carbonated soda) ate, on average, 20 per cent more than rats that consumed flat drinks (like tap water and flat soda).

Subsequent tests on human volunteers found that the level of ghrelin, a hormone that increases hunger, in those who drank fizzy water at breakfast was six times that of those who had still water.

However, before you start dumping your soda water down the drain, you should note that the study of rats didn’t account for lifestyle variations and the human version had a small sample size of 20 men, aged 18 to 23.

So it’s hardly conclusive, but if you’re feeling extra peckish after a bubbly bev this could explain why.

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