The Is The Best Breakfast For People Suffering From Depression

There’s been a significant amount of research into the link between our diet and our mental health, with evidence showing that improvements in diet quality can actually help treat clinical depression.

Nutritionist Melissa Brunetti, who specialises in the connection between food and mood, explained this association to Quartz.

“Nutrients are needed to fuel our brain. If we’re not getting the nutrients in through diet, then we don’t have the nutrients to formulate our neurotransmitters, our neurochemicals, or regulate our blood sugar or hormones.”

“Food can have huge impact on people’s mental health.”

And Brunetti says there’s one particular breakfast that can ensure you’re starting your day with the nutrients you need for better mental health: eggs with sprouted-grain toast and smashed avocado.

This simple combination contains amino acids, omega-3, fibre, vitamin D and, most importantly, fatty acids.

“Our brain is about 60% fat and we need to get our fat from a dietary source. Avocado is rich in tryptophan, which is a pre-cursor to serotonin, which is our feel-good chemical. It also has folate and Omega 3 in it.”

While food is certainly not suggested as a replacement for therapy and drug treatments, it’s been proven to compliment these interventions.

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