This Guy Had Painful Diarrhea After Trying the Carnivore Diet for 2 Weeks

Fitness coach Jordan Syatt frequently tackles new diet challenges on his YouTube and Instagram. Previously, he lost weight while eating a McDonald’s Bic Mac every day. Now, he documented how following the carnivore diet for 14 days affected his body. Syatt shared the results in a series of Instagram stories, which are pinned to his page.

As the name implies, the carnivore diet consists of meat and animal products, and Syatt ate plenty of fish, beef, and eggs. He weighed in at 154.8 pounds on the first day. The scale dropped to 151 pounds after five days.

Within 24 hours, he was struck with diarrhea, Syatt tells Men’s Health.

“It burned. It was awful,” he says. “You try to hold it and don’t want to go through the painful process of cleanup.”

The severity of his diarrhea became better after 10 days, he says.

When it came working out, Syatt says he had little motivation to hit the gym.

“My workouts were awful. I didn’t have much energy at all,” he says.

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Additionally, Syatt’s blood pressure increased within a few days of starting the plan. However, it returned to normal after about a week.

Admittedly, Syatt isn’t a fan of the all-meat approach—or any other restrictive diet. But he does say that eating meat prevented mindless snacking.

“I did not go to the fridge and open it up and say, ‘What can I have?,'” Syatt explains. “If I’m not hungry enough to eat meat, then I’m just not hungry.”


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After 14 days, Syatt weighed 149 pounds and broke the diet with watermelon.

“Damn, carbs are life,” he says in an Instagram story.

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