Trader Joe's Bakery Section Is Severely Underrated & Here's 13 Pieces of Proof

Trader Joe’s is like the Disneyland of grocers. It’s ever-changing with the addition of timely and exciting new products, while keeping fan-favorite items well-stocked. Exploring every aisle is a must, or else you’re likely to miss out on discovering a few gems and surprises. And, at least these days, there’s almost always a line out the door of shoppers eagerly awaiting their turn to take a spin through the cult-favorite grocer.

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And while most sections of Trader Joe’s are well-frequented (is the cheese section ever not crowded?), one section is severely underrated: the bakery.

It’s true. You might breeze through it as you get your bearings, quickly picking up that loaf of bread or that 12-pack of sweet pull-apart rolls. But have you ever lingered and really explored the bakery section? Because, here, you’ll find a slew of can’t-miss products, like Trader Joe’s soft, buttery, Pain Au Lait rolls or their ciabatta rolls generously covered in a layer of their popular Everything But the Bagel Seasoning blend.

And we’re just getting started.

Ahead, behold 13 of our favorite bakery products at Trader Joe’s.

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