You Can Get a Free Bowl Cut from KFC, But Dear God Please Don't

Perhaps you’ve heard of, or already tried, one of KFC’s Famous Bowls. The customer favorite is the definition of extra: It’s an entire pound of food. You’ll want to put your resolutions to eat cleaner on the back-burner (at least until January 27), because the KFC Famous Bowl and the new Spicy Famous bowl are just three dollars right now.

To help celebrate the promotional price, the chicken chain is setting out to “celebrate an abundance of food in a bowl with an abundance of style,” according to a press release. KFC is bringing back the bowl haircut, a la KFC Famous Bowl Cuts.

Allow me to explain. KFC teamed with hairstyle designers to create five “stylish, modern-day takes on the bowl cut hair style.” A stylish bowl cut seems like a bit of an oxymoron, but you can be the judge.

If one of these cuts is the change you’ve been craving, you’re in luck. On Thursday, January 10, you can sign up for a time slot to get your very own KFC Bowl Cut—for free!

Each bowl cut has a punny name inspired by KFC, of course. There’s “The Original Recipe,” for those with “a certain respect for the genuine, the bona fide, the original,” which is basically the bowl cut you’ve seen and have likely avoided having yourself. Other cut options include “The Spork & Bowl,” “The Over The Top,” “The Colonel’s Stripes” and “The Gravy Fall.”

You can use this link to book an appointment at Ludlow Blunt (85 N 3rd St, Brooklyn, NY) for this Thursday. There are limited time slots available from 1-5 p.m. Walk-ins will be accommodated as availability allows, per the press release.

If you do get your bowl cut, you’ll also receive a gift card for a KFC Famous Bowl. You may even be photographed for KFC’s Twitter account with your brand new ‘do. Let’s say you won’t be in NYC on Thursday. You can still get your KFC-inspired bowl cut! Show this digital lookbook to your hair stylist, and share your bowl cut on Twitter with the hashtag #KFCFamousBowlCuts.

Andrea Zahumensky, U.S. chief marketing officer for KFC, says, “I can’t believe we are actually selling a pound of delicious food for just $3…so naturally we’re offering KFC-ified Famous Bowl Cuts to anyone who wants to be as famous as our Famous Bowls.”

Of course, you could always enjoy the pound of creamy mashed potatoes, homestyle gravy, sweet corn, shredded cheese and crispy popcorn chicken without a bowl cut. Your call!

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