Doctors suggested how to get rid of back pain

When the back hurts, the world loses its colors.
Sometimes pain forces you to change even the most optimistic plans and think seriously about treatment. We have collected for you the most effective tips that will help alleviate the condition and bring back the taste for life.

Sleep is the best helper

If your back hurts, it is extremely difficult to fall asleep, and even if you succeed, the pain often forces you to wake up to change your posture or take a painkiller. But as a result of such night vigils there is a vicious circle – back pain is aggravated from lack of sleep. So try to fall asleep, lying on your side, putting a pillow between your knees. This helps keep the spine in a neutral position and reduces the load on the back, helping to relieve pain.

Keep your posture

Uneven posture is one of the main causes of back pain, especially in sedentary people. While working at the table, do not lean forward – sit straight, keep your shoulders relaxed, and lean back a little in the back of the chair. It will also be useful to put a pillow or roller of a towel between the lower back and the back of the chair.

Do not lie

At one time, doctors polls recommended to lie more to get rid of back pain. But now it has become known that excessive pastime in the supine position, on the contrary increases pain in the back. Therefore, do not pay bed rest for more than a day or two. And in order to relieve pain, go to the pool better – swimming relieves the load on the spine and strengthens the back muscles.

Heat and cold will relieve pain

To relieve pain, apply a cold compress to a disturbing area — a bottle of cold water, ice wrapped in a towel, etc. Repeat the procedure three days in a row twice a day for 20 minutes From the fourth day go to the thermal procedures (heating pad, heated salt). Warmly relaxes the muscles and strengthens the flow of blood to the sore spot, from which recovery will come faster.

Go for a massage

Massage helps eliminate structural problems of the spine and restore lost mobility. Recent studies have shown that massages once a week for three months reduce pain and increase the physical activity of people with chronic back pain. But the effect of manual therapy lasts for half a year, and a year later the positive result disappears.

Acupuncture to help

Conducted a study on the effectiveness of procedures that stimulate nerve endings, in particular, acupuncture or electromyostimulation. Both of these procedures affect the nervous system and block the transmission of pain impulses, resulting in relief and even the most severe pains go away.

Breathe correctly

Scientists have found that proper breathing normalizes heart rate, blood circulation and relieves muscle tone. Thanks to this, the pain is reduced by as much as 30%. At the same time breathing exercises, for example, from yoga, have no contraindications at all.

Go to the physiotherapist

This specialist will teach you how to live with your sore back. In particular, he will tell and show how to sit, stand and walk correctly in order to keep the spine in the correct position and reduce the load on the back. Also, the doctor will suggest special exercises that strengthen the muscles that support the back.

Take painkillers

There are two types of drugs that effectively relieve back pain: nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and paracetamol-based products. But each of them has a number of contraindications, so you should not prescribe yourself the treatment. Moreover, the anesthetics themselves do not fight the cause, but only relieve the symptoms, so you will certainly need additional treatment aimed at the “root of evil”.

Prescription drugs will come to the rescue.

In some types of pain, conventional painkillers are powerless. In this case, you will need prescription drugs, in particular, opioid drugs. Therefore, consult your doctor, who will write you a prescription and prescribe the correct dosage. In addition, the doctor may additionally attribute muscle relaxants that relieve muscle tone.

Antidepressants will help

As part of the treatment of back pain, antidepressants may be prescribed, despite the fact that you have not noted any depressive conditions. The fact is that these drugs affect the chemical reactions in the body, which reduces the transmission of pain signals in the body.

Maybe a shot?

Your doctor may recommend special injections that reduce pain in the lumbar region. In particular, it can be corticosteroids, which are aimed at eliminating the inflammation that provokes pain.

The operation is not excluded

Conservative treatment does not always help to cope with pain. For example, if the cause of pain in the intervertebral hernia that puts pressure on a nerve, the doctor may refer you for surgery to remove or return to the site of excess tissue. Also, operations are done in spinal curvature and other diseases. But surgical intervention is already an extreme measure, which is resorted to if other means fail.