Mother suffers from a life-threatening disease – now she is collecting donations for its own life

Samantha Smith from Manchester (England) fights against a life-threatening disease. For the 32-Year-old it is a race against time. She has just two weeks to save her own life.

As the “Mirror” reported, suffers from Smith on the so-called Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a Gene Defect that leads to connective tissue disorders. Stakeholders have strongly include hyperextensible skin and excess daily joints. In the case of Samantha Smith neuro-surgeons are afraid that your spine might collapse under the weight of her skull.

Two operations without success

The necessary operations can not be performed in England. In September she was operated on already two Times in Washington. The aim of the intervention was to stabilize the spine in the neck area. However, they remained without success.

Facebook/Save Samantha Samantha Smith needed a life-saving surgery on the spine.

Because you can’t face the costs of the operations in the USA, the single mother of two children on "GoFundMe" a fundraising campaign was launched. The target of £ 100,000 is within reach, but not yet achieved.

“Donations for my own life collecting”

On the Website the 32-Year-old writes: “I have to collect donations for my own life and that of my babies, the mother that you so desperately need and deserve.”

Smith has, in the meantime, a last Operation in Arizona for 25. January recognized. If the fundraising goal is not reached by then, it loses its last chance of Survival.

“I’m so exhausted”

“A consistent life and health are finally within reach. However, the top of the mountain is the hardest thing we need to survive together. I’m so exhausted,“ says the mother of two.