Woman has sex with 18 men in one night – and says it’s the ‘best thing’ for her marriage

Years after Louise’s interest in swinging was piqued, she started imagining what it would be like to romp with lots of men at once.

She confided her fantasies to her husband – and he was surprisingly supportive.

The kinky woman started off by having sex with 10 guys in one night, which she says “felt amazing”.

She added: “Yes, the sex was great but knowing that these guys are here for me and me alone is really empowering.”

Louise’s husband said the encounter was “all good” and enjoyed her recalling the experience to him in vivid detail.

He was also there when she opened up to even more men.

As she got jiggy with 18 chaps, the swingers’ partner was on hand to give out condoms.

He also kept an eye on his wife and enjoyed taking in her facial expressions.

Louise added: “My husband loves to watch my facial expressions, he is like a kid in the candy store!”

Louise enjoyed the experience just as much.

She said the tryst gave her a “sense of empowerment and accomplishment”, while also adding that it was a “turn on” to have her husband watching her.

The Australian woman added that it’s the “best thing” she’s even done for her marriage.

If you’re looking to get into swinging, it’s always important to be open and honest with your partner.

Sexual encounters should always be consensual and carried out in a safe environment.

Louise added: “It’s all in the planning, making sure you communicate clearly what is OK and what’s not.

“When everyone is on the same page it works so much better.”

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