After Months Of Mysterious Stomach Pain And Weight Gain, Doctors Find And Remove Woman’s 50-Pound Ovarian Cyst

Kayla Rahn said she tried for a year to lose weight, but only ended up gaining more.

After an Alabama woman told doctors that she had been suffering mysterious stomach pains and weight gain for several months, they made a shocking discovery — the woman had a 50-pound ovarian cyst growing unchecked inside of her.

As WFSA reported, Kayla Rahn said her health had been steadily declining and she was suffering so much pain that she could not longer go through everyday activities.

“I couldn’t even walk to my car without losing my breath,” she told the news outlet.

Doctors initially told Rahn that she needed to lose weight, but after a year of trying, the 30-year-old woman saw no results. In fact, the situation only grew worse as she gained more weight, she shared.

“I legit looked like I was a solid nine months pregnant. We went to dinner and someone asked me if I was having twins. It was frustrating and rough,” Rahn said.

Eventually, the pain from her condition grew so intense that Kayla Rahn went into the ER, where doctors put herthrough a series of tests and ultimately found that she was suffering from an enormous cyst. She was rushed into surgery, where doctors removed the cyst. Afterward, the doctor who performed the surgery said he had never seen one grow so large.

As Cosmopolitan reported, the outcome actually have could have been much worse, and Kayla was ultimately lucky that the cyst turned out to be benign.

“Most epithelial tumors, which develop from the cells that cover the outer surface of the ovary, are benign, according to the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition (NOCC),” the report noted. “The ones that are cancerous, however, are the most common and most dangerous of all types, accounting for 85 to 90 percent of all ovarian cancers, per the NOCC.”

Rahn’s strange medical story attracted nationwide attention this week, with pictures of doctors holding the giant cyst going viral. Kayla spoke out about her plight to advise other women to go into their doctor when they feel something isn’t right and to trust their instinct about their bodies.

With her giant cyst removed, Kayla Rahn said she has been given a new lease on life and is able to run around with her young nieces and nephews — and can fit into all of her old clothing. And for those brave enough to see what a 50-pound ovarian cyst looks like after being removed, there are some (slightly graphic) pictures here.

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