CBS Miami’s Frances Wang Is ‘Giddy’ After Seeing Improvements in Her Perioral Dermatitis

Frances Wang

After months of frustration, CBS Miami’s Frances Wang is “GIDDY” with excitement over the improvements in her skin.

The news anchor developed perioral dermatitis, or skin inflammation, after she was incorrectly prescribed topical steroids back in May. The next five months were “frustrating and painful,” Wang previously told PEOPLE, as her skin broke out and she tried to hide the irritation from viewers and coworkers with heavy layers of makeup.

But now, seven months later, Wang is thrilled to finally see that her skin is getting better.

“I haven’t compared pics in a month but for the first time since I developed #perioraldermatitis, I’m GIDDY with seeing the progress!” she wrote on Instagram on Monday, along with six photos showing the changes in her skin.

Wang said she isn’t exactly sure why her skin is now improving.

“People have been asking what I’m doing that’s working and honestly, I don’t know because I tried so many things from cutting out meat and dairy to probiotics to celery juicing in the morning to no makeup to using all of these topicals,” she said. “I stopped taking antibiotics in September because they were causing other medical problems.”

“Is it just time maybe?” she continued. “Mine was steroid cream induced so maybe my withdrawal point is over? This condition is so confusing and I don’t want to say x, y, z cured me because I don’t want to steer you in the wrong direction.”

Wang said that she’s using a topical sulfameticide and retinol on her skin at night, Vanicream cleanser and moisturizer and It Cosmetics’ foundation when she does use makeup.

“I still have a lot of red but for the most part it’s all flat and coverable with makeup,” she said. “It’s no longer inflamed and healing!”

Wang said that speaking out about her condition made a huge difference. She first posted about it on Instagram in mid-September, and then shared her full story with PEOPLE at the end of the month.

“The one thing I truly feel was instrumental in my healing is the relief I felt in sharing with you all,” she said Monday. “My stress levels and anxiety went way down since I first posted those pictures in September. Anyways, just wanted to give y’all an update. THANK YOU for following my journey to clear skin again – the 2020 glow up is just around the corner and I can feel it 😊!”


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