Clearwater, Digital Reasoning launch cyber risk service for AI

Clearwater and Digital Reasoning unveiled a new strategic three-year partnership to provide cyber risk services for healthcare artificial intelligence-powered solutions.


Experts predict AI will dramatically impact healthcare with patient health information (PHI) at the heart of that work. With increasing pressure on health systems to create value from the digitization of medical records and build consumer-centric solutions comes increased necessity to ensure PHI is handled with the highest care and security, the companies said.

The new partnership will couple Digital Reasoning’s Cyber Risk Management SaaS platform with Clearwater’s Cyber Risk Services to support enablement of administrative, technical and physical safeguards combined with workforce training, policies and procedures.


AI has great promise for today’s reimbursement models and logistical challenges. IBM Watson Health, for instance, has identified value-based care as one of the major trends that will impact healthcare and health IT in 2019.

Safeguarding sensitive health data ranks high among promising tasks for artificial intelligence and machine learning. That said, hospital executives considering AI should know several things before investing, notably that requires proper planning and deployment and, even then, it’s unrealistic to think you can put the tools in place and simply let them do their work without continuous monitoring and management. It’s also worth bearing in mind that hackers have access to the same AI tools that you do, and they’re using them.


“Healthcare presents an important growth opportunity, and we are excited to support Digital Reasoning as they bring their AI technologies to the industry,” said Steve Cagle, Clearwater CEO. Digital Reasoning CEO Brett Jackson added: “AI and machine learning empower solutions to extract value from healthcare organizations’ data. That only happens with the highest cybersecurity standards.”

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