‘Go to bed 15 minutes earlier’ – Dr Amir’s advice on clocks going back

Dr Amir gives sleep advice for clock change

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In four days’ time, the clocks are set to go back, giving you an extra hour of sweet sleep. However, Dr Amir Khan has warned that this change could feel like a “shock” to your system. Fortunately, going to bed earlier could ensure you’ll be able to cope with the time change more effectively.

As the clocks go back on October 30, millions could see their internal clock taking the hit.

Speaking on Lorraine, Dr Amir said: “It can upset something called our circadian rhythm, now that’s our internal body clock, which tells us when it’s daytime, nighttime, [and] when it’s time to go to bed.

“It also helps with brain function and general well-being so anything that throws that off can affect the way we feel.

“That’s why we feel kind of poorly and jet lagged [when the clocks change].”

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Apart from feeling sluggish after the time change, another problem might strike when you decide to call it a day on Sunday.

Dr Amir said: “What people may struggle with come Sunday night is going to bed, what might feel like an hour early.

“So what I would say to you is you’ve got time between now and Sunday night – go to bed 15 minutes earlier each night.

“So when it does come to Sunday night, that hour doesn’t feel like such a shock to you.”

Another tip the doctor offered is sticking to usual sleep hygiene practices which means avoiding the use of screens in bed, whether that’s tablets, phones or laptops.

“That blue light will keep you awake”, which might add to the trouble falling asleep stirred by the clock change.

Dr Amir added: “And daylight is really important for our circadian rhythm – that’s sunlight – there isn’t much around at the moment.

“But make the most out of it where you can – lunchtimes, weekends – go out in natural light that will help reset that body clock for you.”

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