Health warning: Always after the banana-Peel, thoroughly wash the hands!

Consumer advocates warn that the banana Peel-and-necessarily wash hands

A majority of the German loves bananas. The sweet fruits are not only very tasty but also extremely healthy. However, you should wash the Peel of bananas, the hands do not forget. On a consumer point guards.

One of the most popular types of fruit

Bananas are one of the most popular fruits of the German citizens. The tasty fruits are thanks to the included vitamins and minerals, very healthy, you will not be able to harm the health, possibly, but also, if you wash the Peel thoroughly with the hands.

Full of healthy nutrients

Often bananas for quick energy boost between meals.

The healthy fruits are rich in potassium and Magnesium, and Vitamin B6. In addition, other minerals, vitamins and trace elements.

As in a scientific investigation has shown us that bananas protect the healthy ingredients and even cardiovascular diseases.

Since the fruit is generally easy to digest (this is especially true for Mature fruits), is it diet as a baby, but also in the case of intestinal complaints.

Curiously, come bananas, both in the case of diarrhea, as well as a home remedy for constipation.

In the latter case, however, must be necessarily used in Mature fruits, as unripe bananas contain a lot of difficult-to-digest starch.

Children should only get peeled bananas in the Hand

Bananas are mostly produced in huge mono cultures-use of pesticides. This is not only harmful to the environment and plantation workers.

“In studies, residues of these plants are repeatedly demonstrated protective agent in the shell,” explains Sabine Hülsmann, nutrition expert at the Verbraucherzentrale Bayern in a message.

According to the expert, few or no pesticides to be found under the shell. Bananas are also treated to the harvest.

Thus, the use of Anti-mold agents, called fungicides prevents, for example, that the fruits rot on the Transport at an early stage. Particularly fruit from conventional cultivation are affected.

“In the case of conventional goods, it is advisable to wash after Peeling necessarily the hands. Children should be exclusively the peeled fruit in the Hand,“ says Hülsmann.

Bananas from organic farming are less burdened. Anyone who resorts to organic and fair traded fruits, also makes an important contribution to better working conditions of the workers on site, as well as a sustainable treatment of the environment. (ad)