High blood pressure: Now without medication blood pressure get a grip

Why it’s worth it to hold out of good intentions in hypertension

Eat healthier, reduce weight, exercise more and give up Smoking – this is probably the most common resolutions made for the new year. For many people it remains, however, when you Make. The implementation of these resolutions can lead to better health and quality of life, especially if the Affected with high blood pressure values. Hypertension-experts give tips on how you can get in the year 2019 your blood pressure under control.

The professional society of German high pressure League advises at the beginning of the year to ensure adherence to life-style measures that have been proven to reduce the hypertension and thus the risk for serious vascular diseases such as heart attack and stroke and other diseases is lowered, such as kidney failure. According to the professional society, anyone can with the right measures for the preservation of the own health into old age.

Hypertension – an often preventable disease

“Every third person is affected in Germany by high blood pressure, and the other a 60-Year-olds, it is even every second”, reports the heart specialists of the German high pressure League. To diseases the serious consequence of many heart diseases, kidney failure, and the network include changes to the skin. Also hypertension am suspected of favouring dementias. According to the society, however, each second heart attack and stroke could be avoided by taking timely and appropriate counter-measures.

When should be treated with high blood pressure medication?

From blood pressure values of 140/90 mm HG, the professional society recommends a drug treatment. The risk of complications increases, however, already starting from values of 130/80 mm Hg. Especially for people with high blood pressure, take no medication, recommends to the high-pressure League lifestyle measures to lower blood pressure naturally. “Often, this alone normal blood pressure values can be achieved – and without the side effects,” says Professor Dr. Bernhard K. Krämer, the Chairman of the Board of the German high pressure League in a press release.

Overweight as the main risk factor

“Overweight people should lose weight,” the experts recommend. Because Obesity is a major risk factor for high blood pressure. As a particularly successful group have proven to be programs for losing weight. Therefore, the society advises overweight individuals to get together with the house doctor, a suitable weight-loss concept and see this through. Each reduced pound of the body reducing the pressure on the blood vessels.

Train is about to stagnate

The high-pressure League specialists according to the weight of the body, but also the correct ratio between muscle – to-fat mass are crucial. Even an untrained skinny Person have an increased risk for hypertension. “Whether thick or thin: sports is an important measure to prevent hypertension and to treat,” adds Professor Dr. med. Burkhard Weisser, the Director of the Institute for sports science at the University of Kiel.

The ten commandments of healthy eating

A healthy diet is mentioned in a number of diseases and complaints as a measure of prevention. So also in the case of high blood pressure. But what does that mean exactly? To not let healthy eating become a hollow Phrase, put the German hypertension Academy a healthy diet with these ten guiding principles: