Kayla Itsines Shares The Daily Habit That's Built Her Business

Not only is Kayla Itsines the ultimate in #fitpso, the 26-year-old has serious business smarts.

The personal trainer and entrepreneur’s exercise empire is worth over $46 million, thanks to the enormous success of her Bikini Body Guides, Sweat app and numerous book titles.

And there’s one thing she puts her accomplishments down to.

In an interview with Collective Hub, the Adelaide-native shared the daily task that has helped her become ‘so popular’ – reading the hundreds of direct messages she receives from her fans on Instagram.

“Have your passion, but also listen to your audience and what they say, because there’s nothing worse than producing something that you think is cool and you think is awesome, but it’s not what they want,” Kayla said.

Kayla says that reading this feedback is the first thing she does each morning, without fail.

“You have to listen… For example, my clients, they’ll find little things that I don’t see, like, ‘Oh, you should do this, or you should do this’. and it’s like, ‘That’s a really good idea’.”

“If you just listen to them, you build a product that your customer wants.”

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And it’s a two way street. Kayla frequently answers her followers’ questions and shares many aspects of her life from eating and exercise routines, to body image and online bullying. 

We’re definitely taking notes. 

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