Kim Kardashian Reveals The Makeup Fad She Regrets Overdoing

Women around the world take their makeup cues from Kim K and her infamous glam squad, but there’s one trend the reality TV star regrets doing to death.

On her personal website, the 36-year-old revealed she went a bit overboard with the “baking” technique back in the day.

“Mario and I used to do really heavy baking. Back in 2009 or 2010, having a super light under-eye was the thing to do and I absolutely loved it at the time. But looking back, sometimes I looked a little crazy – especially with the camera flashes.”

Baking has been used in the drag community for a long time before picking up in popularity amongst beauty vloggers. It basically involves applying a thick coat of setting or highlighting power to areas you want to accentuate, and allowing it to “bake” onto the skin for five to ten minutes.

Kim – who now runs her own, insanely popular beauty line – says her look has become more natural of late, but that it wasn’t always the case.

“Throughout the years, I’ve tried a lot of beauty trends,” Kim wrote. “It’s fun to look back at the old glam I used to do – a lot of contour, really baked under eye and long lashes. Now, I tend to stick to a monochromatic nude look. I like to keep things simple but I still love to change it up every now and then, so I can try new products.”

If you still want to give “baking” a try, this tutorial will help…

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