Medfusion, Healthdom partner for API-enabled patient access

Medfusion, the developer of patient connectivity technologies, is partnering with Healthdom, whose platform is focused on personalized preventive healthcare, to help its members more easily access and aggregate their digital health data.

The goal: Beef up patient data sets and provide the most complete patient view possible. Armed with those insights, Healthdom users can better identify potential health problems early on and improve their overall health outcomes.

Healthdom’s digital platform reminds users to better manage their own care by undergoing various preventive health screenings at the appropriate times, based on each user’s specific DNA, age, gender, medical history and other factors.

Going forward, the platform will make use of Medfusion’s data service APIs, enabling its users to quickly import their patient medical records across providers and combine them with those others factors – helping deliver personalized and more comprehensive preventive care recommendations that can drive better patient results.

Medfusion’s network consists of more than 700,000 providers already mapped for data retrieval, with more than 53,000 active connections across 55 major electronic health record systems.

“Seeing companies like Healthdom use our Data Service APIs to drive real improvements in members’ health and care is inspiring,” said Kimberly Labow, Medfusion CEO. “Empowering people to proactively use their health data is the realization of health IT’s promise.”

Patients with online access to their health information who received timely alerts about gaps in care were more likely to get preventative tests and screenings than patients who didn’t use such a service, according to a Kaiser Permanente study published in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine.

That said, the health and wellness market is flooded with tools for individuals seeking to better manage their own care – which can cause information overload. Some experts say aggregating disparate data and making the entire process as simple as possible are crucial elements to mass adoption by healthcare consumers.

“Health IT has advanced so quickly that solutions which we couldn’t have even imagined just a few years ago, now exist,” said Healthdom Business Development Director Robert Keehan in a statement. “Medfusion APIs are game-changing for us. Partnering with Medfusion will help us reach our goal of identifying potential health issues early enough to give members the best possible chance at positive outcomes.”

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