Miranda Kerr Gets Real About Her Fitness Regime

Miranda’s sweetness is so authentic; positivity and gratitude radiate from her, and she seems to have her priorities straight. It’s obvious that for Miranda, mumming Flynn comes above all else. “My son is my favourite person in the whole world,” says the newly engaged entrepreneur. “The way that he sees the world is so beautiful.”

She also highly values her other relationships, her health, mental state and fitness. Which makes Kerr perfect fit for Bonds, who she’s now fronting “I first worked with Bonds about 10 years ago, so to still be working with them today is amazing and something I’m proud of.”

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Miranda’s fitness routine includes doing yoga 3-4 times a week which helps to increase circulation and blood flow, although she did say that ‘if I can’t it’s OK, no big deal.’

“Sometimes, living in a fast-paced world, we forget to do those simple things that really can bring so much healing and happiness to us.”

MK’s 6 fave energy boosting foods

1.      Oats

2.      Avocado

3.      Blueberries

4.      Papaya

5.      Salmon

6.      Steamed greens

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