Model Belle Lucia Says She’s Gained 22 Lbs. as She Shows Off Her 6-Month Baby Bump

The pregnancy finish line is almost in sight for Belle Lucia!

The model, 22, is now 27 weeks pregnant and excited to meet her baby. And while she doesn’t have a significant baby bump — which has led to plenty of criticism for the mom-to-be — Lucia pointed out on Saturday that she is gaining weight.

But the lingerie model is not stressed out about the extra pounds.

“Gained a total of 10KGS [about 22 lbs.] (so far, still got a while to go!),” Lucia wrote on Instagram. “Loving my pregnancy body, weight gain isn’t a negative thing! Don’t ever feel ashamed.”

The first-time mom also shared that the “baby is roughly the size of a papaya and 36cms long,” and posted on her Instagram Story on Monday that she’s ready to hold her child.

“I’m in the last trimester,” she said with a shocked emoji. “Can time slow down please? But I have been pregnant this whole year. That’s a long time.”

Lucia’s Instagram post led to shocked responses in the comments. One person asked in disbelief if she’s really sure she’s 27 weeks along.

“Yes I’m sure,” the lingerie model responded, along with a laughing emoji. “I got pregnant last year.”

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Another woman said that she, too, is 27 weeks along but that her bump is much larger.

“Yes, everyone is different!” Lucia responded. “It’s amazing how different every woman is. Congratulations beautiful, it’s such a blessing.”

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One commenter asked Lucia to share her weight before her pregnancy, but the model declined for a great reason.

“I don’t think it’s healthy to share weight — height, muscle mass, genetics, etc. will change weight significantly and I have lots of young girls following me who might think weight matters when it doesn’t,” she said. “You should never compare how much you weigh to someone else. My pre-pregnancy weight was healthy and my pregnancy weight is healthy.”

While many of her followers responded with surprised, but kind comments, Lucia does get rude responses. She also shared a direct message she got on her Instagram Story that said, “Wow I genuinely thought you just got fat didn’t think you were pregnant.”

“What is wrong with people…lesson 101: what not to say to a pregnant lady or any woman ever!!!” Lucia responded.

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Lucia previously told PEOPLE that the assumptions people make about her bump are misplaced.

“I wanted to make it clear that women have no control over their bump, including myself,” she said. “Women’s bumps show at all different stages and come in a variety of shapes and it’s never okay to criticize a woman’s bump whether that be too big or small.”

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