New pharmacies Illustrated: The big Christmas book

The current issue of the New pharmacies is illustrated by the 1. December 2018 is located in many pharmacies ready. In the big special is all about Christmas.

Christmas – for many people the most beautiful time of the year. Long been looking forward to homemade cookies, the aroma of Christmas spices and a festive meal with family or good friends. No wonder that on the wish list of many a &ndash is; only not health problems. So you are the feast days fit, help illustrated the 24 tips from the current special topics of the New pharmacies.

Especially in the advent of time many donations clubs are very active and ask for support. Most of the organizations are reputable, but there are also black sheep. How your money gets there, where there’s a real need in the check list “So donations will come in the right hands” online:

The price puzzle: The competition of the current edition there are again 500 Euro to win. You can participate by profit-Hotline or online at

Other topics include: Festive feast: 3-course menu for the holidays in Rothenburg Ob der Tauber: Christmas without a break, Who’s going to help, if care is necessary

Individual papers in this issue can be found in full length here in the area of the New pharmacies are illustrated. You want to read the entire issue? No Problem: The pharmacy list tells you where you can get close to the New pharmacies are Illustrated.


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