New study: Green tea with water from bottles, it is much healthier

So you make your green tea even healthier

Green tea is a drink which is associated with all sorts of positive health effects. Doctors found out now that consumers benefit from green tea, more of the antioxidants of the beverage, if you use instead of tap water, carbonated water, the calcium, Magnesium and filtered, and the iron concentration was reduced.

The scientists of the Department of Food Science Cornell University found in their recent study that antioxidants in green tea have a better effect, if the tea is brewed with still water from bottles. The experts published the results of their study in the English journal “Nutrients”.

More antioxidants in tea lead to a bittereren taste

If you drink green tea, your body benefits from the antioxidants contained in the drink, it may be advantageous to him with a glass of plain water from the commercial brew and not with tap water. So you can benefit from the antioxidants in the drink. However, more antioxidants also cause the tea tastes bitter, say the researchers.

Subjects drank black and green tea in the study

For the study, a total of more than 100 subjects were recruited. The Participants were then asked to taste black and green tea, which was brewed with bottled water, tap water and deionized water. In all Tests, the factors were adjusted, such as the aufbrüht temperature, the used vessel, the time and the water-to-leaf ratio. The scientists measured the content of epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) tea.

Prefer a healthier tea, or rather better taste?

The results of the study showed that the type of water used influenced the taste of green tea considerably. The Participating preferred green tea when it was brewed with tap water, since tap water produced a sweeter taste, as it was in the water from bottles to the case. What was lost in the taste, however, was made by health benefits of betting. The Brewing of green tea with water in bottles led to a doubling of the amount of EGCG, what caused the bitter taste.

In the case of black tea taste differences are too subtle

If you drink because of its health properties of green tea, you should use bottled still water, says study author Professor Robin Dando from the Department of Food Science. They drink their tea only for the taste, tap water is better, adds the expert. The Participants were not able to taste the difference, whether the drink was brewed with water from the faucet or water from the bottle, in the case of black tea. The author of the study Melanie Frank of Cornell University added that the average consumer of black tea see the difference, the taste differences are subtle.

Why is green tea with bottled water healthier?

Professor Dando is believed that the minerals contained in tap water, such as Calcium, iron, Magnesium, sodium, and copper cause the brewed green tea contains a lower EGCG content. Bottled water in which calcium or Magnesium was filtered, and the iron concentration to a level it has lowered, you can extract the EGCG is more efficient, adds to the doctors. With pure water you will get more health benefits by drinking the tea. (as)