Power-Texting: a Doctor suffering from “WhatsAppitis”

Smartphones are, for some time an integral part of daily use. Some programs can leave the users permanent damage. Now it has been diagnosed during a Doctor for the first time the disease “WhatsAppitis”.

A 34-year-old Doctor spent their Christmas eve on Smartphone and must now suffer the consequences. You sent six hours long-“WhatsApp” – messages to friends and Acquaintances, and woke up the next day with pain in both wrists. As a result, the attending physician of the patient was the shock of diagnosis “WhatsAppitis”. According to a report in the prestigious medical journal “The Lancet”.

According to the report, “she made continuous movements with both thumbs to send messages”. To ease the pain, was prescribed the painkiller Tylenol, and a strict writing prohibition. But already on 31. December, the patient is sent again message.

Texts endangers the health

It has long been known that the frequent Sending of short messages may lead to health damage. The American health authority “National Institutes of Health” reported in 2012 that when “Texting thumb most of the time on the keyboard of the mobile phone is in great force to Type is applied. Studies have shown that Text messaging could have an adverse impact on the muskoloskeletale System of the Hand.“

Intensive Smartphone use on the inflammation sheaths is an increased risk for tendon, Myofasziales pain syndrome and Hypothyrose. Already in 1990, it was noted in the case of a few enthusiastic gamblers “Nintendinitis”.

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