Researchers explained: So you, what you dream to decide – Video

To be able to his dreams, active control, and sounds for many Germans is absurd. But that is exactly the Dream according to the dream researcher Paul Tholey possible by so-called “clear” or “lucid”. At this time, areas in the brain active, which are normally deactivated during sleep.

You have a lucid dream, have you in utter clarity that you are dreaming and can act according to their own decision. With three Tricks you can learn to control your dreams.

1. You keep a dream-diary

Try to remember immediately after Waking up in the dream. So you can make your dream memory schools. If you Wake up at night short, you should deal briefly with the dream. Then it may be that the dream continues when you fall Asleep – if you’re lucky as a lucid dream, a conscious dream, Mona Ruzicka of herb reporter.

2. Pay attention to dream characters

Elements, the view a dream, repeat often. This can be unrealistic figures, people but also situations. If you make a note of this in your dream diary, you will have in your next dream may be a “Aha-effect”. If you notice that you are dreaming, your dream is clear and, therefore, controllable.

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3. Be critical

They are also awake more often the Situation. Could it be that you are dreaming but just? You, what have you been doing for the last minutes to know? You are in a place that is unknown to them? If you do not accept the situations, but ask you to do this after some time automatically even in sleep. You will be more likely to be aware that you are in a dream.