‘Rosie has Jeff to 177 pounds of feed – and feel sexy like never

From your friend Jeff, the Australian Rosie to 177 pounds of feed. She says that she would feel beautiful and healthy. Afraid to ruin your health, not the young mother.

An Interview with British Breakfast TV has upset a lot of viewers. The couple, with the hosts of "This Morning" languages, has an unusual erotic preference. Rosie, 23, and Jeff, 25, operate Feeding. Since you are living together, has increased the young mother is 76 pounds – exactly the weight that brings your friend even on the scale.

When Jeff feeds his girlfriend, this is for both an erotic act

The Australian and the Dutch live in a Feeder relationship. This means Rosie is safe to feed, and Jeff is the one who feeds you. For the two is a erotic and sensual act. They met on a relevant Forum. For a year, they communicated via Chat and Skype. "In the time we have got to know each other probably better than a lot of other couples. Because we have each other erzählt&quot everything;, Jeff, meanwhile, moved to Australia said to be Rosie close. She is his 28. obese girlfriend. The Sex with her was the most satisfying he’s ever had. Screenshot / Facebook / This Morning Rosie and Jeff are in love – just because Rosie 177 pounds

The interest in thickness is formed in the Childhood

Feeders are still a relatively unexplored phenomenon. "The sexualized weight-gain is an easy target for ridicule or Ekel", psychologist Kathy Charles of the Edinburgh Napier University in Scotland, says. It is one of the few scientists who has studied them in detail, such as Feeder-relations work. They held talks with pairs to make a picture of the dynamics in the relationships and to find out where the fascination for obesity in the Feeder (the Fed) and the Feedee (the Fed).

"All of the respondents have developed an interest for thickness before puberty kamen", has Kathy Charles found out. Both later of feeder as well as Lined. Some of them imitated at the age of four or five years, fat people, by putting pillows under the clothes. A little later they started to hide the whole, or gathered stories and photos about people, which are thick. "So for me it is not a sexual interest that arises in adulthood."

  • Feeding, the Feeder’s syndrome or Feederism is a sexual behaviour in which a feeder (Feeder) to another Person (Feedee) anfüttert, until this significantly to weight increases. Both sexual arousal.
  • Sometimes the phenomenon as a Paraphilia, a mental disorder described in the sexual fantasies expressed, which differ from the standard.
  • In its expression it ranges from a slight Overweight to extreme forms of obesity (obesity).
  • The Feeder is usually of normal weight, sought after but overweight women.
  • Feeding is usually done in mutual agreement. The whole as a Ritual celebrated.
  • The Feeder is considered to be a Feedee as a fetish object.
  • The Partner gain sexual satisfaction by the other to confirm, even thicker to be or that you are willing to, more and more body fat to grow.
  • The ongoing Fat can lead to health problems . These include hypertension, Diabetes, or cardiovascular diseases.

"I would certainly not have been so self-conscious when I thin wäre"

Afraid that Rosie could ruin the deliberately gefutterten obesity your health, not the Couple from Australia. For Rosie and Jeff Feeding is your Lifestyle. In the evening, when Rosie’s asleep small son, feeds Jeff his fiancee with sweets. "We cook quite normal, just that I have larger portions to eat than Jeff", Rosie gave an insight into their everyday life, "in the evening, I’ll have to indulge me. I am happy and feel very comfortable."

How is the responsibility for your health, after all she is a mother, Rosie asked and hesitated a moment. "I would suddenly get the diagnosis that I have Diabetes, I would do pretty sure something about it." You move a lot, go for a Swim ("I put on a Bikini and go to the beach like any other young woman.") and make sure to continue to increase. 177 pounds is your ideal weight. "Our relationship would be over tomorrow, I bleiben&quot would;, Rosie is sure. "I didn’t do it for Jeff, I’ve done it for me. I certainly wouldn’t be so confident if I were thinner."

"The couples know pretty much exactly what you tun&quot as;

Psychologist Kathy Charles was actually surprised how well the couples about the dynamics of their relationship, and about the Details of the individual foods were informed. "You are planning your Ritual very carefully. A woman described a Shake that you prepared for this, and the 5000 calories. So much need you to reach your desired weight." Usually, the Feeder is considered as a dominant Part in the relationship. "I have, however, found that more of a Partner, the fed, determines what is eaten, how much, or how the meal is prepared. The Feedee has to be in control."

"You have to be aware that the Feedees don’t want to lose weight. Gaining weight is a part of their Sexualität", highlights Kathy Charles, and also has a Council of Doctors, which have to do with people who don’t want to lose weight. "Maybe we should put the focus to the fact that they move, and something for the heart-circulatory system do, instead of pushing you to a diet."

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