Steps Can Be Taken by Doctors to Minimize Risk of Lawsuits

WEDNESDAY, Aug. 1, 2018 — Targeted steps can be taken to minimize future risks of lawsuits, according to an article published in Physicians Practice.

In order to reduce the risks of lawsuits, practices should be mindful of legal obligations and show genuine concern for patients and staff. The article recommends having a good handbook that addresses federal and state law issues, which can allow employers, physicians, and practice managers to reduce their risks of litigation resulting from human resource problems. Practices should be proactive, thinking about implementing necessary protections and promoting an appropriate workplace environment. Practices should form risk committees, and physicians and practice staff should actively participate in identifying high-risk areas.

In addition, implementing a daily huddle, where staff come together to discuss issues can be useful for spotting potential problems and providing solutions. This can help circumvent common risks and how to address them. Physicians should also try view things from the patient perspective; showing empathy and taking the time to fully answer questions can be helpful for making patients feel comfortable.

“Even as other risk areas are addressed, reducing the risk of a suit can sometimes be tricky,” according to the article. “Unhappy patients and disgruntled employees are equally likely to file suit against someone they feel has wronged them, and who was vindictive or insensitive in the process.”

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Posted: August 2018

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