These 5 Habits Will Help You Live Way Longer, Study Says

When it comes to living a healthy life there’s an overwhelming amount of advice available on how to do it. But a new study – published in the medical journal Circulation – has narrowed down the noise and found that there are five simple lifestyle factors that are key to extending life expectancy.

Researchers analysed 34 years of data from over 78,000 US women and 27 years of data from over 44,000 US men to narrow down the habits that will help keep you healthy, they are:

  • Not smoking
  • Having a low body mass index
  • Doing at least 30 minutes per day of moderate to vigorous physical activity
  • Keeping your alcohol intake to a moderate level (one glass for women, two for men)
  • Maintaining a healthy diet

Female subjects who stuck to these habits were found to live an extra 14 years on average while men lived an additional 12.2.

FYI: Out of all of the behaviours, avoiding smoking was the most important in preventing premature death.

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