This $21 Facial Sunscreen Keeps Jennifer Garner Looking Young

You probably remember watching Jennifer Garner in 13 Going on 30 and envying her charm, ability to pull off any dress, and radiant skin. The crazy part? She looks nearly the same now (at 46—yes, 46!—years old) as she did back in 2004.

So, what’s her secret? “There’s something about the hubris of being 22, that makes you think you don’t need sunscreen—you do, I promise you,” Garner recently told Allure. “When you’re in your late 30s, any sun damage you’ve ever had shows up.”

She has a point: Not only does slathering on SPF protect your skin from cancer and developing fine lines or sunspots, it can also reverse the visible signs of sun damage when used daily for a year, according to a 2016 study published in Dermatologic Surgery.

Garner’s go-to SPF? Neutrogena’s Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen. While she is a Neutrogena ambassador, she explains that a makeup artist introduced the product to her on set, and ever since then, she’s used it religiously. (We actually recently named this formula one of the best sunscreens of 2018!)

Now, you might roll your eyes at that, and I get it, celebrity endorsements are hard to buy (literally). But for once, I was excited to see a celebrity talking about a product that’s not only affordable but already a part of my own skincare routine. Looking for a new go-to SPF this summer? Read on to find out why Jennifer Garner’s favourite sunscreen is actually my favourite, too.

I never break out when I wear it

At 23, I still struggle with the same breakouts that plagued me throughout puberty, so I’m pretty picky about the products I put on my face. Almost every sunscreen I’ve tried—even some high-end brands—has left my face a pimply mess the next day. This was a problem, because as a health writer, I knew that I needed to wear SPF every day, but I couldn’t stand the bumps it caused.

The conundrum: Do I go without SPF, leaving my skin open to sun damage (and potentially skin cancer), or do I deal with constant acne? I often (foolishly) opted for smoother skin, unless I was hanging out at the beach all day.

A few months ago, though, I started using a product that contains retinol, meaning my skin was even more vulnerable to the sun’s harsh rays. I knew I needed to get it together, so after doing some research online and reading countless reviews, I finally decided to give Neutrogena’s Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch formula a try. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it didn’t irritate my skin at all—and my acne scars have actually faded significantly since I started using it in conjunction with a retinol.

It wears well under makeup

Garner told Allure that her makeup artist used this SPF on set because it doesn’t alter the look of makeup, due to how lightweight the formula is. As someone who lives and breathes for the latest beauty launches, I couldn’t agree more. Most sunscreens leave a greasy film behind, which can cause your foundation and concealer to break down faster—especially if you already have oily skin.

This sunscreen absorbs into the skin almost instantly, so it doesn’t look shiny or feel greasy. In fact, using SPF every day has inspired me to apply less makeup, because the overall texture and pigmentation of my face has become more even.

I can use it on the rest of my body, too

Summer is in full swing, meaning SPF is non-negotiable. You should be wearing sunscreen every single day—but it’s especially crucial if you plan on spending hours at the beach, running in the park, or in your backyard during a barbecue. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends reapplying sunscreen every two hours, or after swimming or sweating.

I can’t stand the smell and oily feeling of most sunscreens, which is why I use this one all over my body, too. It feels like a light moisturiser, so it doesn’t leave you with that gross tacky feeling. While it does have a light SPF smell initially, it fades quickly.

The problem is, you can go through a tube of sunscreen quickly during the sunny months—and many of us use one specifically for the face, and another for the body. The cost can add up with higher end brands, but this one is easier on your wallet. Neutrogena’s Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch is budget-friendly at just $20.70, so you don’t have much to lose—and only great skin to gain!

This article originally appeared on Prevention US.

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