This Genius Mascara Hack Will Put An End To Panda Eyes

It might not be on the level of swimming with sharks or eating five-day-old chicken pad thai, but applying mascara can be a dangerous task all the same.

Too much and you run the risk of rocking panda eyes, too little and you’ll be fielding questions like ‘are you ok?’ or ‘you look sick/tired’ all dang day.

Fortunately, Reddit has once again come to the rescue, with a hack put an end to mascara massacres.

User “wundersloth” has shared her trick for covering each individual bottom lash while reducing clumps and smudges: dental brushes.

“I have a bunch of these interdental brushes lying around since I have a permanent retainer and can’t use regular floss,” she posted on the Makeup Addiction thread. “Figured I’d try to use them as bottom lash mascara wands… life-changing! The wand is so teeny that you can get every individual lash using your favorite mascara and it won’t clump or smudge. Thought I’d spread the good word. Carry on.”

She reiterates that these are clean interdental brushes, BTW.

The best part? You can pick up a pack for seven bucks at woolies.

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