This Is The Worst Thing You Can Do Before Going To Bed

We all know that going to bed angry is bad for your relationship, but new research has revealed how negatively it can affect your sleep.

Psychologists from Iowa State University monitored the sleep of 436 volunteers after they completed a questionnaire about their anger levels. They found that participants who rated themselves as generally angry and admitted they struggled to control their temper, slept worse.

“These findings add to the growing evidence that being prone to anger may lead to poor sleep and that anger and sleep are intimately connected,” the researchers state.

It’s suggested that anger has both a mental and physical influence on sleep habits. Not only are people unable to nod off while they dwell on their frustrations, these angry emotions can also increase cardiovascular activity making sleep even harder to come by.

And when you’ve had a bad night’s sleep you’re likely to be eve more on edge, or ‘slangry’, so it’s likely the vicious cycle will continue.

Furthermore, previous research has found that it’s more difficult to suppress a negative memory after sleeping, compared to before. So if you’re stewing over something, sleeping on it will only make it worse.

Considering how vitally important sleep is for your overall health it’s definitely worth letting your worries go before you hit the hay.

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