This Woman’s Photo Of Little Known Breast Cancer Symptom Has Gone Viral

Sherrie Rhodes, a mum of three from the UK, has shared an important selfie to spread awareness about a little known symptom of breast cancer.

The 37-year-old posted the image of her dimpled breast on Facebook, which has been shared hundreds of times.

“Yesterday I was diagnosed with breast cancer,” she wrote.

“It came as a total shock as this dimpling (in the pic) is the only symptom I had. I noticed it end of June, two days later I went to my GP who referred me to the breast clinic.”

Sherrie says she wasn’t too worried because there was no noticeable lumps but after a scan, a mammogram and a biopsy she was diagnosed with the disease.

“Please check your breast regularly and don’t ignore anything that is different,” she added. “If I hadn’t seen a post like this previously I wouldn’t have known that this dimpling was a sign of cancer. Please share and raise awareness.”

Preliminary research presented at the UK-based National Cancer Research Institute’s 2016 conference suggests that one in six women diagnosed with breast cancer first report a symptom other than a lump. Because there’s not as much awareness of these less common symptoms, the researchers hypothesized that so-called “atypical presentations” could be delaying some women’s diagnoses.

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