Water footprint: These 10 foods consume the most water

When you eat only the least-remember how much water was consumed for the preparation of the food. Not to buy specific products, in which the water consumption is low, many also. The waiver of individual food can make to be really something that as a new comparison of 28 food shows.

The food in the water comparison

The editorial staff of the consumer portal “warenvergleich.de” has reviewed the water consumption of 28 food, to find out what are the ten products in the production of the most water and which the least.

On the basis of the virtual water consumption of an invoice, which is added to every Liter of water that was used for the production of one kilogram of the foodstuff, could be created a Ranking of the ten water-intensive and water most energy-efficient products.

These ten foods water are particularly intense (liters per Kilo of food)

These ten foods need the least amount of water (litres per Kilo of food)

Water saving: less meat, more vegetables

Although the tobacco, cocoa and coffee are high on the list of foods with the highest water consumption, the meat production is extremely water intensive. The ten foods with the lowest water consumption of all vegetables and fruits: carrots, potatoes, and green salad with less than 250 litres water very economically.

Therefore, vegetarians save a lot of water and protect the environment. “You don’t have to be straight to Vegan, although, of course, the water-saving Alternative,” says the consumer portal.

In order to clarify how a restriction of meat consumption affects the individual water footprint, was hired this statement: the average Per capita consumption of 14.6 kg of beef per year, a day avoiding meat consumption per week can save up to 2.08 pounds of beef – and also a whole lot of water. With the 32219 litres, which would be saved in a meatless day, you can shower almost one and a half years of daily warm!

Judith Kerstgens

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