With these Cold remedies for colds will only get worse

Not all of the tips against the common cold complaints are really recommended

A runny nose, A sore throat and thumping headache: those who suffer in the cold Season, a cold, trying to the complaints as quickly as possible to get rid of. However, not all resources are suitable for it. Some of the supposed helpers to make the cold even worse.

Common cold myths facts check

Runny nose, headache, hoarseness, fever: it is not uncommon in the cold Season, a flu-like infection to capture. Often Known to have fast and ready advice, what helps best against a cold and its symptoms. Hot milk with honey as a home remedy for sore throat and cough, or sweating in the Sauna, to bring a disease quickly: tips there are truly enough. But what actually really?

Warm milk with honey

According to health experts, colds are cured properly, in order to avoid serious consequences such as pneumonia.

Medicines are not usually necessary. Most of the cold suffering with natural home remedies alleviate.

However, some of the often recommended remedies and tips can aggravate the complaints.

So some experts advise against it, in mucus-producing cough on the old home remedy of “warm milk with honey”, because milk is mucus producing. In case of dry cough, the warm Drink can have a very soothing effect.

Possible anti-bacterial and anti-viral effects of honey were not supported according to the health experts, but sufficiently.

Generally recommended for cough, among other things, anise, and thyme tea. Fennel syrup can also help. Or dark chocolate with a higher cocoa content.

Warm beer and hot toddy

Not recommended is also alleged helpers, like warm beer or hot toddy. Because alcohol is not suitable to fight a disease.

Some people think that it helps with colds, because it disinfected, too much alcohol weakens the immune system and drains the body of water.

Warm non-alcoholic beer can actually help with colds. Because beer contains hops, the ingredients of sleep-promoting. And sleep is the best medicine.

A cold in the Sauna exudation?

To cure by itself, it is important to take a lot of fluids. Ideal is also, with a warm scarf and a hot water bottle in bed to rest.

Some patients try, however, the pesky cold in the Sauna to sweat. However, that doesn’t work.

According to experts, a sauna can contribute to the disease comes faster out, faster way you go through the Sauna. On the contrary, often the already weakened body is burdened by a visit to the sauna.

Patients should, therefore, resort to home remedy against the common cold, such as inhalations.

Important to know: doctors recommend in the case of rhinitis, the nose pull up to blowing your nose instead of into a handkerchief.

The pressure by Blowing your nose can lead to cold viruses enter the sinuses, and there may be a sinus inflammation trigger.

Antibiotics usually bring nothing

Also, antibiotics are usually unnecessary, because this fight will be triggered by bacteria and viruses, by means of the colds in the majority of cases.

It is important to know also that there are a lot of remedy for the individual symptoms of the common cold, but the actual cause – the inflammation of the mucous membrane – you have to just sit this one out””: So a lot of sleep and rest.

Also the old adage: “colds take without a doctor a week and with a doctor seven days”, illustrates this. This means that there is no medication, which the disease shorten crucial. (ad)