Rihanna Has Blonde Hair for the First Time in Years

Rihanna might not be ready to bless our ears with new music, but she will grant us the gift of her old music on vinyl — and a very surprising new hair look. On November 4, the singer announced The RihIssue, a collection of her past albums on vinyl, all of which come with coordinating shirts (available here if you're curious). In her announcement photo posted to Instagram, she's splayed across the floor, surrounded by records, in honey blonde hair with black-brown roots.

Now, correct me if I'm wrong, Rihanna Navy, but I'm pretty sure this is the first time Rih has appeared anywhere with blonde hair in quite some time — years, in fact. Back in 2017, she had a blonde shag haircut (truly way ahead of its time) for a hot minute, and in 2018 she wore a lengthy platinum-blonde wig. That, however, is as much blonde as we've seen on Rih in ages. 

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Although Rihanna is gorgeous in any hair color (this woman could make a trash bag look chic, so no shocker there), I see why she's stuck to dark hair for so long now. When done right, black and brown are striking hair colors, and Rihanna is a very striking person. That said, I'll always welcome a fresh new hair look on a celebrity because let's face it, my budget is nonexistent and I want to live vicariously through them. 

So thank you, Rihanna, for giving me my daily urge to bleach my hair with complete abandon. My scalp, on the other hand, has some very choice words for you. 

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