Summer Fridays Just Dropped a Brand-New Mask That's Bound to Sell Out Fast

Summer Fridays are headed into fall. The Insta-famous brand, which launched earlier this year with the obsession-worthy Jet Lag Mask (which became a best-seller at Sephora in under two weeks, BTW) just dropped its second product for fall. And, yep, it's made with pumpkin.

For the past few years, fall could just as accurately be called "pumpkin spice season," given the absolute deluge of pumpkin spice everything — makeup looks, hair trends, even entire skin-care lines — that hits the beauty world in September.

Is it kind of basic? Yes. But the trend can also be a major seasonal boost for your skin. Pumpkin is packed with skin-care super ingredients, including alpha hydroxy acids, which help boost cell turnover, along with vitamins A and C, which brighten and promote collagen production.

So really, it's no wonder a brand built on summer is using pumpkin as the perfect way to transition into fall. The Overtime Mask, which drops online at and today for $44, is packed with skin-loving pumpkin that brightens and gently exfoliates (it's also made with skin-sloughing apricot seed). Basically, Overtime takes care of any dullness that comes with the change in seasons.

"There are a lot of exfoliating face masks and products out there, but we wanted to create something gentle that you could use on your skin daily that doesn't have harsh abrasives," Marianna Hewitt, Summer Fridays co-founder, said in an interview with Women's Wear Daily.

"We called it Overtime because so many of us are working overtime, your skin cells are working overtime, they're constantly shedding and renewing themselves, so we wanted the name to reflect what the mask did," Lauren Gores, the brand's other co-founder, added.

Thanks to the brightening blend of vitamins, Overtime is designed to be a classic decongesting mask. "We're saying it's the zero-inbox flow," Gores said. "You know that feeling when you get your inbox down to zero, if that ever happens? The mask is meant to do that for your skin. It sheds whatever you don't want so you can make room for new things."

Just because the seasons are changing, doesn't mean Summer Fridays' original blockbuster, the moisturizing Jet Lag Mask, which retails for $48, is going anywhere, any time soon. In fact, the co-founders recommend using both masks together — first Overtime, followed by a moisturizing dose of Jet Lag.

Currently available online, the Summer Fridays Overtime Mask will be dropping in Sephora stores in October for $44. But don't wait for sweater weather to get your pumpkin fix — judging by the success of Summer Fridays' first launch, its sophomore drop is poised to sell out quickly.

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