An Exclusive Look Inside LA Dunn's Fridge

January is a big month for vegans. With health goals in mind for the new year, many people go plant-based during the month of January, or Veganuary, as it’s commonly called. That’s why we thought January would be the perfect time to check in with one of our favorite plant-based food bloggers and the creator of Black Girls Eat, LA Dunn.

Dunn began her plant-based journey in 2017 after realizing that her body felt much better when she cut out animal products and processed foods. “After taking thousands of dollars in tests, I began to take a closer look at inflammation and the foods that may cause it,” Dunn wrote on her blog. “I started moving away from meat and pre-packaged foods. I took courses in plant based nutrition. Once I understood how unhealthy some of my favorite foods were, it was over for me.”

After experiencing the benefits of a plant-based diet for herself, Dunn launched her blog, Black Girls Eat, to share her journey and help others learn just how delicious and easy plant-based eating can be.

In honor of Veganuary and her dedication to educating those interested in vegan food, Dunn was kind of enough to walk us through her fridge to give us a better understanding of what a plant-based lifestyle can look like. In the video above, Dunn shares everything from the staples she always makes sure to keep in stock to how she organizes her plant-based products with the non-vegan items that the rest of her family eats.

After checking out Dunn’s Fridge File, be sure to head on over to Black Girls Eat to check out Dunn’s delicious plant-based recipes, courses and more.

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